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Shooting Stars

By Great City Productions

Dinner is $20
General Admission is $5

Friday,  June 28th // 7:00-10:00pm

On Friday, June 28th, the Philadelphia Art Alliance will host Shooting Stars by Great City Productions. Conceived as a birthday celebration for the United States, just before the July 4th weekend, Shooting Stars is a dinner and interactive multimedia installation taking place on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the historic Wetherill Mansion.  Shooting Stars is a participatory culinary performance, which examines the intersection of American politics and the culture of celebrity in the US by shifting the role of the audience back and forth between observer and spectacle.

 2nd Floor: Stars and Stripes for Dinner

Diners will become part of the performance, and performers will become spectators, as the servers make dinner the show, and transform the diners into Stars. A meal prepared by Ben Bigler, owner of the Soup Kitchen Café, will be served by performers from New Paradise Laboratories. All food is sourced from La Fanquita and Emerald Street Urban Farms.

Dinner is $20 and includes three courses:

Watermelon gazpacho w/ dill and toasted almonds
Crispy kale, radish, beet and lime salad
Arugula pesto and fettuccine

And for dessert:
Complimentary musical ice cream from Little Baby’s Ice Cream.

3rd Floor: Shooting Stars

Inspired by the ongoing deadlock in Washington, the third floor space will be filled with interactive multimedia installations which will make oblique reference to political dysfunction in Washington while celebrating our First Amendment right to critique it publicly. 

Little Baby’s Ice Cream will provide dessert and debut an electronic music composition triggered by act of eating electrically charged ice cream. The performance features work from the Data Garden’s Sam Cusumano, and PEW fellow Candy Coated. 

Due to the participatory nature of the event, each individual will have a unique experience based on level of engagement and physical location within the building. The entire event will be enveloped in an interactive social media art project called SPECTRUM, which will offer an objective account of the collective experience, documented in real time on the Twitter feed. 

Shooting Stars is being sponsored by a host of Philadelphia food purveyors including Little Baby’s Ice Cream, The Soup Kitchen Café, Emerald Street Urban Farm, La Fanquita Urban Farm, and Philadelphia Brewing Company. Performers include musician Sam Cusamano, artist Candy Depew, artist and musician Jon Shapiro, designer and architect Augustus Depenbrock, author and filmmaker Ross Brubeck, musician and video artist/performer Shane Butler, and video installation artist Robert Wuss.


Dinner will be served at 7:15pm, and again at 8:00pm. Contact Jon Shapiro for tickets.

Contact: Jon Shapiro 484-744-2785