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CaveCast is a series of live podcast events at the Philadelphia Art Alliance hosted by Universal Cave, documenting the vibrant music scene of the Philadelphia DJs whose diggings and obsessions provide the soundtrack to the late night parties all around the city. Each program is a conversation with DJs about their craft.


The podcast is available on SoundCloud and iTunes. Stream, subscribe, download, share and come out to listen live!

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CAVECAST 013: New Order 1980-1993

w/ Dave Tidey

Stream the podcast here

January 17, 2014


DJs David Tidey, Brian Cassidy and the crew behind the GONE party play records and talk about New Order: the band’s roots, influences and legacy from Madchester and britpop to the UK rave scene.






CAVECAST 012 – Uptown Goes Downtown

w/ Ed Christof

Stream the podcast here

December 18, 2013


Ed Christof explains the origins of the music and community behind legendary club The Roxy and the club culture at the turn of the 80s. The podcast includes a 45 minute mix of classic songs from the era.

Ed Christof is a Philadelphia based DJ who holds down a variety of roles in the nightclub/bar business. He is currently manager and music director for Winterfest at Penn’s Landing, but first and foremost, he’s a die hard music lover. He’s been DJing actively since high school, and his sets reflect his diverse and open-minded taste for anything with a good beat.








CAVECAST 011 – Sampling & Cultural Reappropriation

w/ DJ Apt One

Stream the podcast here

November 20, 2013


DJ Apt One breaks down sampling history with Player Piano Rolls, Cam’ron, Bad Fusion Jazz, Funky President, Folk Music and Gangstarr’s “Above the Clouds.”

DJ Apt One was a part of the multi-genre style of DJing that catapulted his adopted Philadelphia to the pinnacle of the DJ world in the early 2000s. His years of seasoning as a DJ have seen him play all styles imaginable all across the US and Europe.

As a producer, DJ Apt One makes mixes by delving into various recordings and isolating parts of the tracks to be used in new and interesting ways. Essentially a sound collage, a new composition is woven using pieces taken from outside sources. Despite being made entirely of existing material, the mix transforms the elements into an original track. Sometimes a recognizable reference, sometimes highly obscure, there are many different ways to sample and appropriate music, achieving many different effects.







CAVECAST 010: “Foundations of the philaDELphia Groove – The Formative Years”

w/ DEL (5 Magazine / Do You Wanna Boogie?)

Stream the podcast here

October 4, 2013


DJ, writer, producer, and music lover DEL continues with his second installment as a featured guest in a special CaveCast series exploring dance music with a Philly twist!

“FOUNDATIONS” is an extension of his monthly column in 5 Magazine which explores the roots of the American dance floor.

In the first episode, DEL described the early years of the Philly Sounds and his perspective as a music collector, digger, clubber, and eventually as a bedroom to club DJ.

In the second episode, DEL focuses on his perspective as a DJ and club aficionado as dance music evolved throughout the 1980s. He outlines the journey through his experiences at the legendary clubs by sharing stories and spinning rare vinyl.






CAVECAST 009: 60s Dance Party

w/ Holly Sue Allen aka DJ Snkpak

Stream the podcast here

September 18, 2013


CaveCast returns for a second season with 009: 60′s Dance Party

Holly Sue Allen aka DJ Snkpak will take us on a 60s Dance Party with stories and records she uses for her Bouffant Bangout and Fascination parties. Holly will cover Surf, Psych, Calypso, Garage, and good old fashioned Rock n Roll while getting at the gems left of center. Always a forward thinking DJ and record digger, Holly is the perfect guest host to kick off our second season.


Special thanks to our Season Two Sponsors: Yards Brewing Company, Stoli Vodka, and Spodee Wine

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CaveCast 008: Funk from NOLA to Philly

Special Guests: FROZ1 and Personify

Stream the podcast here

Date of Event: June 21, 2013




cavec ast7

CaveCast 007: The Beach Boys

Special Guest: Devon McReynolds

Stream the podcast here

Date of Event: May 22, 2013





CaveCast 006: Turntablism

Special Guest: Vincent Smaldone aka DJ Image

Stream the podcast here

Date of Event: April 24, 2013





CaveCast 005: Foundations of the philaDELphia Groove:

The Early Perspective

Special Guest: DEL (5 Magazine / Do You Wanna Boogie?)

Stream the podcast here

Date of Event: March 13, 2013





CaveCast 004: Breakbeats

Special guest: Tony Larson aka Triple Double

Stream the podcast Here

Date of Event: February 27, 2013














CaveCast 003: Talking Heads

Stream the podcast Here

Date of Event: January 4, 2013





CaveCast 002: Fleetwood Mac 1967-Present

Stream the Podcast Here

Date of Event: December 19, 2012







CaveCast 001: A Conversation about 80’s Music

As fun as it was, it is unavailable.

Date of Event: November 28, 2012