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May 17, 2012 to August 19, 2012

Shiny Monsters: An Installation by Adam Wallacavage

The Installation Shiny Monsters showcased Philadelphia artist Adam Wallacavage's highly imaginative chandeliers. In constructing octopus and other creature-inspired chandeliers and lighting fixtures, Wallacavage utilizes  traditional techniques of ornamental plastering, including large-cast plaster work, as well as hand-sculpting pieces from epoxy-clay. His initial work inspired Wallacavage to continue to experiment in form, color, and technique, leading him to develop unique glazes and application techniques that give his pieces a vibrant shimmer. Wallacavage also explores his love of kitsch in his sculptures. Casts of cartoon bunnies and elephants, Hello Kitty heads, and vintage toys in bright bubble-gum pink and mint green glazes are incorporated into his pieces, resulting in works that reflect his varied aesthetic interests, ranging from 16th Century Baroque opulence to 1940s Americana.

Tags: lighting, mixed media, sculpture