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September 6, 2012 to November 25, 2012

Qualities of Life in Philadelphia

The PAA is pleased to present “Qualities of Life in Philadelphia,” a group exhibition featuring projects designed to improve daily life for the citizens of Philadelphia. Designer/educators Will McHale, Alexandra Schmidt-Ullrich, and Katie Winkler are the organizers of Philly Works, a collective dedicated to empowering the creative citizens in Philadelphia through exhibitions, lectures, panel discussions, and design workshops. It has grown into a network capable of sharing the skills and resources necessary to produce new collaborative work.

Featured Projects:

Qualities of Work in Philadelphia, a documentary by Adam Carrigan, Will McHale, Katie Winkler

The Philadelphia V.O.I.D. Project, Jason Austin, Alex Mergold, Sally Reynolds, Marc Krawitz Ann Dinh and Melhissa Carmona

Stick-lets: Reconnecting Urban Children with Nature, Christina Kazakia

B.Y.O.B. - Build Your Own Building, Halee Bouchehrian, phenomenArch

Examining Accessibility & Ridership of SEPTA, Alison Merrick, Diamond Research Scholars Program, Temple University

Vacant Lots and Vegetation Dynamics across Philadelphia, 1999-2009, Zachary Christman (Rowan University) and Hamil Pearsall (Temple University)

Into the Fold, Brittany Schrum and Meghann Hickson, in collaboration with The Free Library of Philadelphia

In a State Far From Equilibrium, The Think Tank That Has Yet to be Named

HONEYSTONE: Hexagonal Modular Deck System with Prevegetated Greenroof Modules, Joel Erland and Kate Kaman / HumanKind Design

A Day by the Goat, Julie Lorch, Jon Wilson

The Lure + the Perch, Jason Austin, Austin+ Mergold, Jack Fanning, Temple University, Sneha Patel, Temple University, Sally Reynolds, Olin

SHIFT, Nicolas Coia, Experience Designer at CloudMine and Dominic Prestifilippo, Design Researcher & Strategist, in collaboration with Dillon Mahmoudi

Cynwyd Recumbent Tricycle, Scott White, in collaboration with Cohen Metals, Lynne Rain, Sew Fast Mending and Alterations, Chris Leswing, Cynwyd Heritage Trail Planner

PHILLY STAKE, Mira Sophia Adornetto, Eric Blasco, Mallary Johnson, Hannah de Keijzer, Dave Kim, Alyssa Maloof, Brett Mapp, Theresa Rose, Lauren Rosenblum, Ruth Scott, Elliot Strathmann, Kate Strathmann, Annemarie Vaeni, and Jonathan Wallis

VIADUCTgreene: A Continuous and Connective Vision for the Former Philadelphia and Reading Rail Line Aaron Goldblatt, Liz Maillie, Leah Murphy, and Paul van Meter '

The Food Trust, Photographer: Tyrone Turner

Philly Fuel Co., Will Belcher, Molly Henry, Andrea Landau, Chris Landau, Danni Sinisi, and Autumn Visconti

The Kiosk: First Edition, “Rent-A-Grandma”, Amy Linsenmayer and Eliza Stamps in collaboration with The Best Day of My Life So Far, senior writing workshop participants and coordinator Benita Cooper, ReStore, The Resource Exchange, and Manyunk Timber

Structure and Surface, Judy Hellman, Director of Special Projects, City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program; and Katie Winkler, Project Coordinator;

Andrew Dahlgren Machine Knitting, Andrew Dahlgren and previous collaborators Will McHale, Donovan Preddy, Alexander Stadler, Abby Wheeler, and Janell Wysock

As part of the exhibition, Adam Carrigan and Philly Works organizer Will McHale have also produced a documentary highlighting several members of the design and fabrication industries of Philadelphia, which will be on view in the exhibition. A catalog featuring this work and contributed essays will be released on October at a reception at the PAA during the DesignPhiladelphia 2012 festival.

The PAA is pleased to serve as the Headquarters for DesignPhiladelphia from October 10 to the 14. As a citywide annual event in collaboration with the University of the Arts, DesignPhiladelphia showcases the role that design has played historically in Philadelphia, and celebrates the city’s contemporary significance as a center for creative advancement. Over 400 designers and creative thinkers in more than 100 public events will create opportunities for people to connect across design categories.

Tags: architecture, design