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September 21, 2006 to December 31, 2006

Out of Frame: Motion art from MOBIUS

MOBIUS is a cross-platform motion media arts project exhibiting the work of the world's best contemporary artists and animators. Language-independent, produced, and mastered in full 1080i high definition video, the project has been in existence since October 2003, when Philadelphia-based Concrete Pictures became the primary supplier of HD motion art programming for Rainbow Media's Voom HD satellite platform. Since its inception the ongoing project has produced over 135 hours of original motion art.

In order to obtain such a large amount of new material MOBIUS created a desktop-based production and post-production facility that houses an in-house creative staff but also reaches out to artists and supplies them with active production and post-production support to create new work. Since the project's inception they have worked with over 100 artists from all over the world to produce the largest collection of motion video art in existence. This exhibition will culling some of the most innovative pieces from this collection representing the work of artists who have used their production facilities.

Freed from the constraints of commercially driven practices in digital video, the works on view challenge the narrative presuppositions and demands of filmmaking, thus creating an alternative Filmic art, digitally based, but conceptually innovative. A variety of production techniques are employed in these selections, exemplifying the range now being employed in this genre. For example, live action footage, as seen in works by Peter Rose, Kara Crombie and Gregory King, is featured alongside two and three-dimensional animations created completely in Macromedia Flash software by such artists as Chad Fahs, Mark Johnson, and Ben Jones.

The works selected represent an alternative to the narrative forms upon which most production and viewer relationships depend. Non-linear narrative forms, also known as non-narrative motion art, thwart the viewer’s expectations of logical progression and storytelling in favor of creating immersive environments and unexpected visual configurations through the element of time.

For the exhibition at the Philadelphia Art Alliance, monitor stations combine several pieces and will be combined with large-scale projections featuring single works. The artists selected for this exhibition include: Nell Breyer and Jonathan Bachrach, Esther Bell, Sarah J. Christman, Pablo Colapinto, Kara Crombie, Wade Echer and Chad Fahs, Andy Hann, Colin James, Mark Johnston, Ben Jones, Valerie Keller, Justin Leavens, Peter Rose, Shirley Sarker, Bonnie Scott, Rob Shaw, and Paul Westergard.

Tags: film, installation