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March 20, 2014 to April 20, 2014

NOISE: Electricity for Progress




NOISE: Electricity for Progress is a series of interactive and site specific installations by Philadelphia-based artist Sam Cusumano. Exemplary of the new approach to craft that has re-surfaced within the last decade, the exhibition explores the craftsmanship of sound as expressed through a concentration on the repurposing of found materials, biology, and direct audience interaction.

Focused on the synergies between technology and the natural environment, viewers are invited to experiment with creating new sounds using electrical engineering and computing software. Many of the projects utilize organic materials such as plants and fruit, as well as the electrical inner parts of toys or now outmoded devices. These are manipulated to create an alternative interface to achieve various sound effects, thus subverting their original intention. Ultimately, the goal is to illustrate, through manipulation of sound, how technology can relate to the natural world.

There will be two workshops during the exhibition open to participants of any age or skill level. The themes and activities of the workshops relate directly to the installations in the exhibition.


At the PAA, Electricity for Progress will present three experiments: Biodata Sonification andTheremin, Personified, and . Biodata Sonification is an audio installation that allows people to experience the biorhythms of plants as music. Viewers are encouraged to engage with large plants fitted with specialized electronic sensors. The changes in physiology of the plant in reaction to human presence are synthesized into compositions in real time.

Paired with Biodata Sonfication is Theremin, which is a device that reacts to the proximity of an individual from its antenna, changing in pitch and volume depending on the distance. An electronic circuit interprets the radio signal interference of a person into sound, which is presented in direct contrast to the plant reacting to human presence in the Biodata Sonification installation.

Personified allows listeners to hear the music of their own body. Individuals are invited to engage with apples connected to a computer interface, which responds to touch and the intensity of grip. Extremely fine, real-time bio-feedback allows for endless possibilities in the variations of sound that can be produced.

Circuit Bending, and Modification is a display of interactive modified electronic toys.The objects' electrical inner parts have been manipulated to achieve various effects, such as a telephone imbedded with a 30 second sampler which plays when the receiver is lifted, or a keyboard whose tone can be changed by turning a knob.

A resident of Philadelphia since 2001, Sam Cusumano performs and educates under the nameElectricity for Progress. Through presentations, exhibitions, musical performances, and workshops,Electricity for Progress provides interactive environments for audiences to explore the devices and systems all around us, making seemingly complex electronic systems understandable and relatable to the natural world. The audience is encouraged to participate through presentations, workshops, and hands-on interaction. Cusumano's work "Quartet" and "Personified" have been presented through the record label, producer, and sound artist collective Data Garden.

Workshops: All ages and skill levels are welcome.

Biodata Workshop: Saturday, April 5 11am-1pm
Led by Sam Cusumano, participants will extract data from living biological systems and translate that information into music and sound using open source computer programs.

Modification Workshop: Saturday, April 12 11am-1pm
Learn how to manipulate simple electronic elements found in everyday objects, such as a telephone or a toy, in order to create playful sound compositions.


Tags: installation, mixed media, performance