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January 29, 2015 to April 5, 2015

Delainey Barclay: Paper and String

Delainey Barclay’s recent body of work focused on air, shadow, light and space.  Over time, it has become more abstract and is now also very process-oriented by exploring the materials themselves as well. According to Barclay, to keep the large-scale pieces, which resemble textbook atomic structures, relatable in her installations, she uses childhood craft projects as a basis for the techniques used in assembling the work.  Everyday objects that can be found in abundance in most households are the materials from which she has chosen to make all the three-dimensional forms, whether it is from vintage magazines and wallpapers, or string and other craft materials. These are often paired with paintings that explore these concepts in two-dimensional form and cross the boundaries between craft and fine art, making the work approachable and giving it a familiarity.

Tags: fiber, installation, mixed media