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September 11, 2014 to November 30, 2014

Christina P. Day: Fifth Wall

The phrase fifth wall references a marketing campaign created by the interiors industry to encourage the addition of wallpaper to the ceiling in a home.  It is the concealment of an overhead floor, a seal of interior facing walls- a fifth wall that creates a truly closed space.  For Christina P. Day, this fifth wall represents the physical divide between real and imagined.

Day’s artwork practice considers spatial inversions of surface and place and ranges from object-based sculpture to site-specific architectural installation.  Inside is handled as outside.  What can be shut is held open through details and crafted resolve.  Common interior surfaces and materials are re-assigned to associate with unlikely forms and objects. Patterns are superimposed on themselves, while repeated objects amplify their reality and awareness. Day’s sculptures envelope and elevate the ordinary.

Tags: architecture, design, installation, mixed media, wallpaper