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Thursday, December 08, 2016 // 11:30–7 PM

Holiday Pop Up with the Philadelphia Fashion Alliance


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Meet the Designers



Granaté by Annina King is a line comprising high-end Prêt-a-porter, Made-to-Measure, and Fully Custom garments under the labels Granaté Prêt and Granaté Couture. Focused on bringing artistry and strong femininity to a modern social and professional wardrobe,  Granaté by Annina King creates jackets, skirts, dresses, separates, and coats, as well as custom and  special event ensembles for a discerning clientele seeking  garments with artistry and artisanal detail.

Granaté Pieces combine the luxurious details and fabrics of custom work, with ready-to-wear techniques to reach a clientele who love unique garments that transition with ease from day and work, to cocktail hour and beyond. Intricate seaming and pattern-making create silhouettes that enhance the unique beauty every woman possesses.




Jovan O’Connor is a collection of clothing designed for the young professional woman with a full social calendar. The collection offers the casual, the trendy, the fashion forward, the classy and the formal styles that a social butterfly  may  seek  to  compliment  her  daytoday  activities.  Chic  but  playful,  this  collection  allows  for  a  young woman to be sexy, while classy, asserting herself as a viable asset to the world. Combining bold colors, prints and textures with intriguing style lines and silhouettes, the line best suits the woman who is not afraid to make a statement. These statement pieces will easily become classics in a young woman’s first investment, her wardrobe.




MinkeeBlue LLC, launched in 2014, was founded on the principle that every woman deserves a handbag as versatile and fashion-­forward as she, adapting to her changing role as a professional woman on the go.  From the time she leaves home in the morning she’s on a mission—traveling to the office, to the gym, or to the airport. She desires to be organized and equipped with all necessities.

MinkeeBlue handbags are designed to solve a problem—eliminate the need to carry two or three bags. MinkeeBlue features a 2-­in-­1 patented adjustable compartment panel with an insulated lunch bag.  When the panel is in the closed position, it creates an upper and lower compartment. When in its open position, the handbag becomes a tote bag. MinkeeBlue’s functionality and versatility is what sets it apart from other brands.




Supra Endura is a women’s wear collection seeking out sublime and subversive inspiration. The collection features modern shapes paired with innovative use of material to evoke a subtle sensuality.  Layering these different concepts creates a dynamic collection that is at once both playful and refined.

In our highly visual culture, good design is one of the most effective forms of communication. Behind the seams of the Supra Endura collection, there is a rich story. Each print/ design artistically represents a special non-profit to which portions of the proceeds are donated. The collection will represent one to two non- profits each season. For every garment sale, $2 will be donated to the print’s respective cause.




Terese  Sydonna  is  a  contemporary  ready-­to-­wear  and  accessories  brand  designed for the superhero in all of us. Inspired by bold prints, sculpture, and  unexpected detail, Terese Sydonna’s  collections celebrate a modern landscape where art, fashion and comfort intersect. Stylish, yet maintenance free, 95% of the collection is machine washable, quick drying, and wrinkle-­free.

The Terese Sydonna superhero is a game changer with a busy lifestyle; realistic; sophisticated; reveling in the finest of quality; and remaining confident and cool in any situation.

Launched in 2011, Designer Terese Brown carefully designs each piece in the collection to be versatile without compromising on comfort. Her collection is stocked at the finest retailers in the Greater Philadelphia area, her creative home base.




Cloth2Clay is a local art studio with the goal of producing sculptures that pay homage to fashion and the feminine form. With roots in fashion design  and attention to the elongated figure, the work strives to create an inspired continuity among form, surface design and fashion. The figures raise the question of the relationship between the body and the materials that give it definition.

While most of the artwork is original in design and execution, a large part of the function of the studio is to offer bridal replicas that are custom made to simulate wedding dresses. This segment of the work provides lasting memories of one of the most important moments in a woman's life.