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Saturday, June 25, 2016 // 8pm

Ars Nova Workshop Presents John Butcher’s Tarab Cuts




$20 GENERAL ADMISSION // $18 FOR PAA MEMBERS (at-door ticket purchases only)


John Butcher, composition, saxophones + samples
Mark Sanders, percussion



"In Arab culture, the merger between music and emotional transformation is epitomized by the concept of tarab, which may not have an exact equivalent in Western languages." - The Culture and Artistry of Tarab, Dr. A. J. Racy.

Ars Nova Workshop is pleased to present saxophonist/composer John Butcher's Tarab Cuts, night two of its British Contemporary Music Festival.

Presented in conjunction with the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, the UK's largest international festival of new and experimental music, Ars Nova Workshop's two-night festival celebrates Britain's extraordinary contributions to jazz and contemporary music. Night two features saxophonist/composer John Butcher and percussionist Mark Sanders performing Butcher's hour-long composition Tarab Cuts, which was shortlisted as one of the Best Contemporary Jazz Compositions of the Year in the 2014 British Composer Awards.

The concept of "tarab" stems from Arabic classical music and refers to a state of musical ecstasy, a melding of music and emotional transformation. Butcher's piece, which draws inspiration from classical Arabic and Sufi music, grew out of a shorter 2011 commission that was part of a five-hour performance conceived and programmed by Lebanese musician Tarek Atoui.

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