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Comoros, Crank Sturgeon, Electricity For Progress & PCRV

Thursday, May 23 // 8:00pm

 $5-$10 General Admission

The Philadelphia Art Alliance is pleased to present a night of experimental music and performance featuring four prominent players in the noise and electronic scene.


Comoros is a drone duo from Philadelphia. They play large, delay-driven riffs all of which travel through the same effects route. Like alwaysgetting lost in the same place, Comoros is created in the chaos of predictability. It began in 2007 when Jen and Adam Melinn attempted to connect enough echo and delay effects to endlessly repeat their musical improvisations. Primarily a guitar and synthesizer duo, they have released two LPs and an assortment of tapes and discs all centered around that initial experiment of blending all sounds together in diminishing returns, aiming for the elimination of ego and the awareness of an audible location.

Crank Sturgeon has been active in noise, performance, and installation art since the early 1990’s. A comedic conceptualist, Crank fuses quasi-narratives with amplified objects and absurd costuming to deliver biomorphic tales of sexy snorkels and failed science experiments. The effect is a pantheon of images, sounds, and emotions that can be at once personally intimate, while also noisily explosive and triumphantly out to lunch. Mr Sturgeon has performed & exhibited works on both sides of the Atlantic, and was recently an artist-in-residence with SPACE Gallery, in Portland, Maine. Following a nationwide tour this May, Crank will be an artist-in-residence at the Boston Children’s Museum, in Boston, Massachusetts.


Electricity for Progress produces audio installations enabling listeners to experience biorhythms as music by giving plants the tools to play synthesizers. This is achieved by using sensitive electronic devices to translate the fluctuations in energy in the plants into sound. These unique sound installations have been featured at Highwire Gallery, Temple Contemporary, and at the Data Garden in Bartram’s Garden.

Billings, MT’s PCRV(Matt Taggart) has been creating a rural approach to noise music. Influenced by the aggression of death metal and the independence of solo electronics, PCRV has performed across the US and released many albums belting out the brutal sounds he’s known for. Within the last five years, Taggart has pulled away from harsh electronics to focus on Fluxus inspired performance art and more conceptual approaches to performance and sound. Now using everything from origami to yarn and duct tape to create task based performance, Taggart has expanded what a harsh noise artist is capable of.